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I have to go to a Roman Catholic funeral service next week and as I have to make arrangements for my family I would like to know roughly how long the service will take. It is not to include the burial as this is going to be private.
07:52 Wed 05th Oct 2011
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Half hour approx
Depends what the family have requested. Readings, Hymns, speeches....

Could be an hour...
In my experience I'd say nearer on hour, especially if it's a big funeral
with lots of readings. The last one I went to lasted an hour and a half, it felt like eternity.
I've never been to one that lasted less than an hour.
Question Author
Thankyou all, a very well known gent and highly respected so I will allow a good hour !
crikey rc service, i'd give it an hour and ten at least.
Some go on and on, but the last one I went to lasted only about half an hour. I think as u.m.m.m.m says, much depends upon what the family want.
if its an irish one, it also depends what time the pub opens.
If it's the fully funerary service at least an hour. My family is Catholic & we have been known to take snacks with us.
Haha Ankou :-) When my Dad died, sitting waiting for the undertakers, my Uncle pipes up 'He'd love to buried on a Friday' can say my name now :-)
not true, we still have to call you bummm
It's a term of endearment :-)
don't count the time. Do give respect to the dead one. This is the last thing that you will be able to do for the deceased. Never in your life again, he will be able to ask anything from u. Heaven knows if anyone will ever visit his grave after that day.
The last thing you were able to do for the deceased.... was when they were alive!!
nah plonker, they wouldn't be "the deceased" if they were alive !!
You get my meaning...dipstick :-)

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