New Granddaughter!

Ellie Rose born this morning at 2.50am. 81b 2oz. Can't wait to see her next week when I am on Granny duty. Older sister Daisy (2) keeps pinching the toys out of the moses basket!!
12:41 Fri 09th Sep 2011
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great news... congratulations. :)
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Congratulations :-)
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congrats, and enjoy and love
congrats carole !! :)
Congratulations to all xx
Welcome to the world Ellie Rose ♥
Awww bless, congratulations :-)
awww, good times. congratulations.
Grandchildren are gorgeous and a cuddle off a grandchild is the best feeling in the world. Congratulations to you and your family.
Many, many congratulations - enjoy every cuddle xxx

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