legal age to stay at home alone

what is the legal age for a child to stay at home alone
15:41 Sat 27th Nov 2004
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Try this link. Although it is about babysitting it does mention leaving children home alone. There are other useful links from this site. Hope it helps.


im 99% sure it is 14
well I think it would be 21 year old to live alone.
I'm not sure if it's true, but I've heard you can leave a child at any age and you only get into trouble if you're caught i.e. there's no legal age. However, a child must be over 14 to be left in charge of other children - even siblings.

I think the best thing you can do is follow the link provided by Wraith. it seems to be a good website with sound advice and has some good links as well.

The bottom line is that there is no specified age limit prescribed by law as to when you can leave a child at home alone or when someone can babysit (a child being under 18 years of age). Just check out the website, it says it as well as any professional could.

i think the youngest is 10 years old but it depends on how mature they are. peace!!!!!!!


There is no legal age but NSPCC guidelines suggest no child should be left alone under the age of 12 and not left alone overnight until 16.


it all depends on your child, how mature they are, how able to cope in a crisis they are and how they feel about it.

i think a child should be at least 10 to stay home alone depending on there behavior.

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