Poor Parenting pics

someone's just sent me this.... oh dear

16:37 Sat 10th Dec 2011
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Some of them weren't too bad.
oh my! and they stop to take a photo too...
I think it might be gobsmacked people taking most of the pics...
Some of those made me chuckle... others there was a bit of head shaking...
Question Author
I think they are taken as a warning..... :-)
I thought it was pics of china when young......
I think some of the posed ones would be seen by the parents as 'humerous' - baby on barbacue, baby in saucepan etc., but some of them are pretty worrying - but some parents are unfit, as are people in every walk of life.
Question Author
I thought that, andy - a couple are very "posed"!

Ya mean that baby didn't climb onto the BBQ pit itself? ;-)

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