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I just have to share this with you all....

My son (8) has a bit of a hyperactivity problem, especially at night (as do most kids I know). Anyway, I was washing up earlier and he came running through to me. 'MUM, MUM, its the answer to my know, my fidgeting, come quick, its on the telly'. Rather confused I wondered through to the lounge, and guess what it was? The advert for Canesten!!!

Bless, when I explained a little, that it was for 'ladies problems', well, I've never seen him so blushed! XXX Psst, I'm not allowed to tell anyone....
21:41 Wed 01st Feb 2012
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Awwww, and <wink> we wont tell him you told.
kids.......don't you just luv em!!
Well it can also bring relief for other causes of itch. I'm just unsure that an itchy disposition if the cause of his fidgeting.
Aww bless him. The things kids say.....

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