has the carers allowance been increased for this year, at the moment it is £53.10.thanks
14:00 Wed 31st Mar 2010
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Don`t spend it all at once, what a ridiculous increase if you can even call it that.
I have been receiving Carers Allowance since 2001. Have just worked out that in the 9 years I have been getting it, it has gone up a total of £12.15. You couldn't make it up could you!!
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80p a week i am speechless
If you get Income support, ESA(income related)or JSA (Income based) - You will also get a Carer Premium worth £30.05.. And if not you should call the benefit you are receiving(Carers Allowance dont pay the premium,only give the entitlement). Hope this helps Rainydays.

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