I am trying to set up a business but need funding. Other than my bank is there any way I can get my hands on 2K to set me on my way?

Thank you
11:31 Wed 03rd Dec 2008
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You could find an investor who will part-own the business take a share of your profits

You could borrow the money from friends or family so teh money is paid back regardless of whether you make a profit or not.

And depending on your particular circumstance you may be able to get a grant. What do you want the money for, what is the business youre starting, and in which region?
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The Business is PPC advertising. I need the money to fund my first few months clicks to get going.
Are you trying to advertise your business via PPC,or are you trying sent up your own version of Google Adwords?

If it's the latter,you'll need a lot more than �2k!
Question Author
Thanks for you help people.

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