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I served in the royal air force from 1971 to 1976 ,am i entitled to a pension from the service?
22:05 Mon 18th Aug 2008
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Suggest you contact your local branch of SSAFA who may be able to help. Good luck.
Not sure if special circumstances apply here but if you were in the scheme then the answer should be YES you should have a preserved pension unless you transferred those rights into another scheme with another employer or transferred it to a section 32 policy.
You should have paperwork from when you left and get occasional statements/ notifications of rule changes etc from time to time, provided you have told them of your address changes.
It's important you contact the scheme now and give them your current details, otherwise they might never trace you to pay any pension.
souxie i was in the raf from 1973 till 1980, i did get a slip of something about a pension, just a printed couple of lines, raf innsworth used to be the place to contact if we had questions about pay and pensions,dont know if this station is still in exsistence,if you find out anything i would be glad to hear also about my pension thanks!!!
You both will have been in AFPS75.
You may be interested in this organisation that will not only be able to tell you where to start your search, but also campaigns on behalf of ex-Servicemen/women.
Armed Forces pay and pensions administration has become tri-service now so I doubt that the PTC Unit at RAF Innsworth, Gloucester still deals with it
thanks for the link buildersmate,but wont pay �23 for the priveledge of finding out what my pension rights are!!!
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I have contacted the SSAFA and i am waiting for them to contact me,will keep you updated
thanks souxie!!!
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If you go to GOOGLE,type in raf pensions there is a load of information there.
will let you know how i get on with the SSAFA
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Got an answer FROM THE SSAFA
They said that anyone in the force before 1975 does not qualify for a pension unless they have done 22 years service
souxie does that mean i have to wait till i am 65 till i can claim my pension? shame if so!!!
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i get the impression that you can draw a pension at 55 or 60,hope this helps
Hi, you would need to have served 2 years from Spril 1975 to qualify for a preserved pension under (

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