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I am in UK. I have just received a letter stating that there is a Charge on my Property. What does this mean? Does it mean that there can sell my house without my consent? IIn my previous marriage, we took out several loans and when we separated/divorce, I took over all the loans. I tried repaying the loan for nearly 10 years but due to harassment, I become sick (depression) and stopped paying - because I cannot afford to pay anymore.
I move a few times and lost contact and have not work, hence not able to pay at all. The debt company finally traced me to this address and not have put a Charge on the Property. What can I do or is there anything I can do? Please help. Many thanks.
17:43 Mon 18th Aug 2008
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My understanding of a charge on a property usually means that if you sold the property, they would be entitled to receiving a certain amount back (e.g. to repay a loan or mortgage). You could clarify the exact amount by applying to Equifax or Experian for a credit report. Alternatively, you could ask the company who put the charge on. Theoretically, if the charge was for a mortgage, then they could sell the property to get their money back but you would know this well before hand. I'm sure you would be able to contact the company before this is necessary.
The company must have got a CCJ issued against you in order to put the charge on your property.

Were you notified of any such court proceedings?
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Thanks Ethel and Uzoma. I have no idea how much I owe now. As far as I can remember loan was taken out in the early 90's and I started repaying them little by little until end 99. Then I went sick and resigned from my job and do part time job here and there to pay mortgage. I stopped paying after 2000 because the debt companies kept chasing me all the time and due to depression, I did not answer them. I travel about doing odd jobs to make ends meet and to keep mortgage repayments. My mortgage was taken out with the help of my brother who paid for the deposit and all.
I think they kept chasing me but I was too tire to answer as I was feeling more stressed each time the letters came, hence i stop replying them completely from 2000 until now.
The debt collectors must have done a trace on this address and found out that I own(have a mortgage) - Even now I am afriad to open letters.
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Uzoma - I do not know whether there is a CCJ against me at all - as I have been ill due to depression, I just plodded along with the help of some very good friends to keep me going - work and all.
This Charge is for the various unsecure loans taken out way back in the 90's and i do not even know exactly when.
You asked if there was anything you could do.
You can now check whether there is a CCJ against you, then you can be pretty sure that's why there is a Charge appeared on the property - you could even check that if you wanted.
Assuming you accept the validity of the CCJ there is nothing else needs doing if you are saying you cannot afford to repay the owed sums now. When you eventually sell the house, the company will reclaim their money.
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Thanks Buildesrmate :)
So when I eventually sell the house I have to repay the debt. I do not even know how much this debt is for and to what company. Only until now that I am gaining confidence to write here and seek.
I dare not even to open any letters because it stresses me to death. I have not replied to any because I am so fearful and shaky from opening any letters which I think is from the debt collection. Do I continue to ignore these letters?
I think you need to speak to your local citizens advice bureau as soon as possible, and take the letters with you.
So do I.
This leaflet explains what the implications of a CCJ are. The loan company has probably applied for and got what is called a Charging Order. This is how they have then managed to get a Charge onto your property. /forms/ex326_0405.pdf
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i have a house on charge order - i would like to repay the debt that i owe - can i then sell the house and pay the debts? this might be the easiest way for me to clear my debt. I do not mind going into rented accommodation after
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been reading lots here ...I read about this SAR letter requests. I know it is back to front but should i be writing to them since i do not even know how much i owe and who i owe to etc ...worrying sick about repossession and i read about the possibilities of baillifts ?coming into my house and taking away all my belongings - anyone has experience this? or likelyhood of this happening
Please go and see the CAB. It would be better that they look jointly with you at your individual circumstances rather than conducting a specific discussion over the internet.
It is unlikely that there is risk of bailiffs or others knocking at the door. The organisation to which you owe money has probably taken the view that the best way to retrieve the debt is when you eventually sell the house.
we rented out a property and the person died can we charge the next of kin for getting rid of the stuff and get the property back to a level which we can re let it or sell it

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