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Can somebody advise on which bank has the following post code please?


13:40 Wed 10th Oct 2007
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It appears to be the Abbey National bank.
They go from 09-00- to 09-19-
Question Author
Thanks. Anyway of determining which branch of the Abbey National??
It appears to be based in Prescot Street, Lomdon but it may be an international sortcode. It appears to be used in a few email scams. I hope you haven't been sending money to a Nigerian prince or a lottery win admin fee.
Question Author
Thanks ..... and no, I'm not the victim of any scam :-)
Sorry I meant London not Lomdon
Abbey sort codes are not actually allocated to a specific branch like other banks.
It is an Abbey sort code though, and probably a savings account sort code as their bank accounts are usually 09:01:26.
Just lvisited Abbey Bank and can confirm Sort Code 09-01-27 is their Savings Accounts Sort Code.
i think its from cardiff wales abbey

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