Pre 1988 Endowment Mortgage Shortfall

Does anyone know if there is any recourse when you have been mis-sold a mortgage endowment policy before 1988. The current legislation, protecting mortgage endowment policy holders from mis-selling, only applies to endowment policies taken out from 1988 onwards.
21:43 Fri 28th Jul 2006
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Not having a mortgage, I can't answer your question but I think I know a man who can!

Martin Lewis has a website and in his weekly newsletters he is nearly ALWAYS talking about people being mis-sold endowment policies and what to do about it. Unfortunately I don't read that part as I rent but if you go to his website, he has a list of articles he's written, one of which I'm sure will point you in the right direction. People get no end of moolah back from what I've heard.
Hope that helps,
There is no legal requirement for sellers to give recourse but some of them do so voluntarily. I think the Financial Ombudsman Service may be able to tell you which ones.

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