DWP XB Payment

I received the princely sum of £10 into my bank account yesterday. I should be getting the pension around now.
Could anyone tell me what the letters XB stand for and why I've received it?

This isn't my Pension for this month is it? Thanks.
11:41 Thu 06th Dec 2012
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christmas bonus?
Yep, Christmas bonus
as the others have said, it's the christmas bonus (ridiculous if you ask me - i never get a christmas bonus from work so why should pensioners and other benefit claimants)
Question Author
Oh really?? That's good. Hopefully you'll get one when You are a pensioner bednobs. Thank you everyone who has answered.
Did you get your winter fuell allowance?
I got mine the other day too because am disabled, wouldn't mind not being in receipt of it.
Question Author
Yes I did johnk and very welcome it was too.
I can't see why a small bonus is ridiculous to be honest bednobs. Our pensions are all we have to live on after a lifetime of paying into the system. Will you be sending yours back when/if it eventually arrives in your bank account?

mamyalynne, I bet you wouldn't.
i got mine the day before yesterday - how ridiculous it is! Bit like the winter fuel allowance - in these austerity times, why isn't it means tested? People who aren't christains get it, people who are millionaires get it. It must cost a huge huge amount, and seriously, what can you get for a tenner?
erm, what's being Christian got to do with the winter fuel allowance... or have I misread??
i was talking of the christmas bonus, sorry! I don't get a divalii bonus, or a ramadan bonus, so why christmas bonus?
LOL - perhaps bonuses should be culturally aware, as well as means-tested!
agreed! Or perhaps the xb should be called "holiday allowance" :)
Retitle it by all means yes - re means testing the fuel allowance, that is a valid point, the government have looked at this and I think the very cost of the extra work it would cause has delayed a change.
I don't see why it should be difficult to means test winter fuel and christmas bonus payments.
If the pensioner or disabled person is in receipt of pension credit or other means tested benefits, they qualify.
It they're not, they don't.
Question Author
I assumed you were not of pensionable age bednobs.
i'm not
nor am I.
Question Author
//I got mine the day before yesterday//

Why did you write that bednobs?
because i got it the day before yesterday
Question Author
??? :/

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