selling hotel

Does anyone know what are the chances of me selling my Hotel this year.
What % deposit does a prospective buyer need these days and how many people have that many thousands stashed under their mattress - because I know no one in their right minds would have a bundle saved in a bank these days just waiting for the right property to come along!
When will the banks start looking at getting this country fluid and on the move again
Ok Got off my soap box now
20:59 Fri 06th Apr 2012
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Damn, the batteries on my crystal ball have just run out. ;-)
Perhaps this may come as a surprise, but the probability of selling your hotel depends the price you are willing to accept.
At £375k the probability is perhaps 95%.
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Thank you builders mate a good point - and with it being a very successful business I am looking for top money - what I thought would happen by posting this question was that someone in a financial job may shed some light on the appalling mess this government are making of getting people and money moving again ah well alas no !!

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