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Am thinking of making a PPI claim for a credit card I have had since 1990 I am still paying the PPPI for, do they only go back 6 years?

Does that mean they will only look at the last 6 years or will they take into consideration that I have been paying a lot longer?

Does anyone know approx amounts/% paid out - are they paying out every claim?

Anyone done it on their own without going through a company?
13:50 Fri 23rd Mar 2012
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I believe they can only EVER go back 6 years... do prior to that and you are stuffed (along with me!!!! loan pre 2006 so cannot claim)
It has to have been active within the past 6 years.

So I did for a loan I took out in 2005 (if my memory is right) but I was still paying the loan within the past 6 years so it qualified.

I did it myself. It took one letter.
I'm in process of doing it myself (my letter sent to them and has been acknowledged). Mine is for a loan I took out in 2005 and they looking into it for me. Fingers crossed I'll get something back. Good luck with yours, they can only say No, worth giving it a go.
lol why the hell are you still paying for it if you didn't want it?
You can't just stop paying it.
can't you? My credit card gives you the option to have it or not, and it's based on the amount owing
if you don't need it and want it on a credit card, you can take it off!

if it was added to a loan with equal payments you cannot remove it BUT you can apply to have whole lot repaid and have compo IF you can prove it was mis-sold!
Maybe it's changed the but when i asked to stop paying it I was refused.
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Thanks for all your replies - does anyone have a template that i can use?
You can get a template from Matin Lewis site and there is no time bar on PPI claims
I claimed PPI from a mortgage I took out in 2001 - 2005 (which I only had for 4 years with that particular lender) and my claim was successful, try it, see what happens..what have you got to lose.
You wouldn't have had PPI Purple_Popple it would have been MPPI
It was PPI, I had the original paperwork - it was a separate payment added on to protect against sickness accident etc, I couldnt take the mortgage out without having this. So it was unfairly sold.

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