Can someone settle an argument. Who owns the bank of England?
18:12 Thu 08th Mar 2012
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It is owned by the Treasury Solicitor on behalf of the Government.
The state via HM Goverment, ie you and me!
Er, not officially, guys!

The Bank of England is officially owned by the Bank of England!
i.e. it's independent (and has been so since 1997)
In 1997 The BoE gained "operational independence" to set interest rates however The Bank remains a public sector institution, wholly-owned by the Government, accountable to Parliament, with its entire capital held by the Treasury solicitor on behalf of HM Treasury.
Chris that's independence in their actions but that's an illusion anyway. The institution is public owned.
Probably Richard Branson or Rupert Murdoch, they seem to own everything else!

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