tax rebate daughter has recently started her first job
part time she has not supplied a p45 to her employer
she works 20 hours a week...should she fill in a p46
because she is currently paying tax on her earnings
which are far less than the current personal allowance
thank you....
20:19 Tue 19th Apr 2011
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Your daughter should complete a P46 immediately. Her employers should have requested one when she started her employment, or before her first pay day, in order for HMRC to issue her with a correct tax coding, otherwise they could also suffer a financial penalty.

Your daughter's employers are probably using the emergency code BR, which means that she is paying 20% on all her earnings, without any allowances being given. If she started work and was paid in the last tax year, she needs to get in touch with HMRC to claim a rebate.
As it's her first job, she won't have a P45 - you get that from a previous employer. She needs to complete a P46 immediately, so that the taxman can sort it out for her.

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