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If I was to apply for a loan or a mortgae, and a credit check was carried out by the lender - do I have access to the information that is supplied to them about my finances?

For example, if I have had a credit card and paid it off and closed it, how long would that information remain accessible on my credit rating report?
10:56 Thu 22nd Mar 2012
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Information is usually kept and accessible on your file for 6 years. You can check your own file either online or by getting a copy via post from one or all of the 3 credit reference agencies, Equifax, Experian and Callcredit.
The financial institution are not allowed to tell you what is on the credit register search they get as they do not own the information. They do have to tell you which Company they used to enable you to apply yourself.
There are many of places that promise to “repair” or “fix” your credit for an upfront fee. However, no one can remove negative information, such as late payments, from a credit report if it is accurate. You can only get your credit report fixed if it contains errors, and you can do that on your own at no cost. Actually there is only one kind of borrowing applying to which your credit history will not be checked - payday loans.

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