How easy or difficult is it for someone on job seekers allowance to get a loan. My son has just received a letter that i think may be from a debt agency (I googled the address on the back of the envelope) and am appalled to think that he has taken out loan that he cannot possibly pay back, and even more appalled to think that he would be able to get it in the first place. Janet
15:20 Thu 27th Oct 2011
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I would guess it would be very hard to get a loan on JSA. Even from the dodgy loan companies. They want their money back.
Nigh on impossible with a Bank, but unfortunately there are Companies out there advertising 'no credit check loans' and 'on benefit loans'. So yes, and they will probably be charging ridiculous interest rates.
It is always possible to get a loan from somewhere, even without a job, and with frightening interest rates. Rather than try and work out what is in the envelope via google probably need to ask your son about it.
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Thank you for replying so quickly. I will ask him about it when he gets home but he will not necessarily tell me the truth. He has had a crisis loan from SS before and managed to pay that back but this company state on their web site that a £500 loan will cost £1100 to pay back. I can only hope that if he has it is only a small loan because it is likely that the one paying it back will be me!! thank again
If you do pay back this one for him there's one thing certain, you'll soon be paying another one.
My nephew used to get loans and the collectors would come and bully his mother until she paid.
It might, just might, be a circular. I doubt it tho.
Some people foolishly do not admit they are in receipt of JSA or similar benefit and if there is no check obtains a loan they may be unable to repay.
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Thanks again every one, I am hoping it is a circular or maybe he has asked for information, it is a small letter so fingers crossed xx
Hi- sorry if I sound nosey but I wa swondering if you had managed to find out whether it was a loan/debt letter

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