working after 65 and National Insurance

I retire next year and I'm hoping to carry on part time, do I still have to pay National Insurance?
11:29 Thu 28th Jul 2011
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once you have 30years of contributions you dont have to pay anymore
nannybooby, so are you saying that you no longer contribute once you contributed for 30 years?
is that true nanny? do you have a link?
nannybooby is wrong. Maybe he/she is getting confused with the need to have a minimum of 30 years' NI contributions in order to get the full state pension at retirement age
Anyway the answer is no- johnk won't need to pay NI contributions after age 65 because of his age
You need to apply for an Age Exemption Certificate (CA4140) and give it to your employer.
Do as Calibax says and you'll be able to stop paying but it does not happen automatically.
Question Author
How long does this usually take, is it months? When should I apply for this certifiate?
If the DWP know your address you will get an application pack for your pension a couple of months before you are 65. I believe it includes an exemption application form.

1-2 months is plenty of time. 1-2 weeks is probably enough
Question Author
Thanks everyone, some good news at last!!
Incidentally, if you find yourself paying some contributions after you are 65 for want of the certificate being available on time, you can claim them back from NICO later. There are time limits to claim however but you should be OK if you act promptly.

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