Gastric bands on the NHS

Why is this procedure carried out on the NHS? The best way to lose weight is to go on a diet. Those people who say they dont work are talking rubbish, what they mean is they haven't stuck to them, either because they cant be bothered, lazy or have no will power. It should be no justification to have an expensive operation on the NHS because they are fat and lazy.
12:21 Fri 24th Feb 2012
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Is it being so cheerful that keeps you going?
It might cost the NHS less to fit a gastric band than it would to deal with ailments causes by obesity later.
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Happy Friday to you too dave.
especially when its clear that some people will continue eating regardless, the cost of sick entitlement benefits, DLA, home improvements to accomodate the obesity, carers visiting to clean and care for the hyper obese patient.

a gastric band works out cheaper in the long run
As someone who only reads headlines and not subsequent text I think that patients should avail themselves of hospital radio rather than groups of musicians strolling from ward to ward.
It will cost the NHS more in the long term than it does to provide weight loss surgery.
if there was a gastric band that would stop an alcoholic or a drug addict abusing their bodies then Im sure that would also work out cheaper than long term care.
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And less chance of people getting diabetes, as I should think that the medecation involved with the treatment is quite expensive
To be very flippant, with the NHS reforms, there's not going to be much money about, so couldn't we just get people to tighten their belts????
But the NHS don't help themselves in some ways - I went to see the doctor last week, and he prescribed some different tablets for me which I took away and tried, but I didn't get on with, but the doctor had prescribed me 3 months worth, which I had to return to the pharmcist, who said Thanks for bringing them back, but we just have to dispose of them - what a waste! Why don't they put a seal on the boxes, so they can see if they have been opened, and would therefore be able to use the un-opened ones again?
Is gastric band the follow on from dial up and broadband next to fibre optic
Most of the pills I take come in blister packs. If any were ever returned to the chemists it would be obvious that they hadn't been tampered with.
Dave, the NHS also treats people who have become ill from smoking, or from drinking too much alcohol. or who have become mentally unstable through drug misuse. Oh, and people whose genitals are rotting off from the unspeakable diseases they have contracted through casual unprotected sex. And the ill babies of all the forementioned, who in all likelihood will go on to lead blighted lives due to the circumstances of their birth and upbringing.

I'm not religious but I believe the phrase is 'judge not lest ye be judged'.
While I agree that the NHS shouldn't fund gastric band surgery, I object to dave50's reasoning. Does he really think that people who are morbidly obese submit themselves to a life-threatening surgical procedure because they are too "lazy" to be bothered to diet?? My sister was morbidly obese and, believing the wrong dietary advice, for years she tried diet after diet - sometimes literally starving herself in her desperate attempts to lose weight. It was only when she developed diabetes and saw a doctor who actually knew what he was talking about that she was finally able to lose weight (70lbs so far). Eating a low-carb/high fat diet, her diabetes is under control, her blood pressure has reduced and all the other health problems she used to have are improved. Instead of fitting gastric bands to desperate, ill people, the NHS should actually look at the real science of obesity and give people the dietary advice that will allow them to lose weight without risking their lives in surgery! Apart from anything else, it would save us all a lot of money!
Drugs returned to chemists/hospitals are not re-used Sandy. Even in blister packs, as they could have been stored in a place that would weaken/potentiate them.
A lady where I work had a gastric band fitted last September and she has lost 7 stone so far. She is far from lazy though, she is a very hard worker.
Many people think gastric bands are the easy option....believe me they are a last resort!
People say go on a diet as if it was that easy. Often people who are morbidly obese are because they have a food addiction and cannot stop eating, so losing weight successfully on a diet does not work for everyone.

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