Erectile disfunction

My pal has a problem. He's quite old (about 55) and has always had a good sex life. His problem is that now he can only manage sex with his partner twice a night. He used to be good for three or four times a night, but nowadays has to wait 3 or 4 hours in between.
I'm not good at helping with situations like this. Would viagra help?
18:29 Thu 23rd Sep 2010
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lol... your friend actually told you about this.
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Question Author
He did. He is a good pal and we talk about all sorts..

What do you mean Tonytod?
55 is old?
Err tonyted means why don't you sleep with his partner so the partner does not get frustrated from the lack of sex
ps Wind up
offer to give him a hand
He tried that, Bednobs, but made his mate look like Casanova....
Question Author
He is getting really worried about this. I've heard about viagra, is it any good?
you have to swallow them quick or you get a stiff neck
My old consultants wouldn't have prescribed viagra for your mate... He acheives an erection and maintains it for intercourse so he doesn't need viagra as he doesn't have erectile dysfunction.

Perhaps he should work on enjoying all the feelings, before the big climax so to speak.
Question Author
Thanks for that China Doll. I've told him that he should be slowing down at his age anyway. Just once a night should be enough.
Quite right. He should be spending far more time worrying about his prostate than his supposed 'erectile dysfunction'...
Question Author
But why should he be worried about lying down? I'm sure they do it standing up as well.
Oh the hilarity goes on and on.
It's your dad really I suppose .. You still sleep in the same room?

Hi NoM x
Hi Al. :-)

How's it going? x
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What's the difference between obesity and viagra?
I think most men of 55 would be pleased to be able to get it up once a night so your pal should perhaps be grateful he can rise to the occasion as often as he does

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