Dr Christian Jessen from tv's 'Embarrassing Illnesses' and 'Supersize Vs Superskinny'

Is he straight or gay, as I women I find him drop dead gorgeous, so much so he cannot possibly be straight surely??

I cannot find any sexual pref. info anywhere for him?

I don't know if it's just one of those things everyone knows but me?????

14:50 Mon 27th Jul 2009
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He is very upfront about being gay, and has a long term partner.
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Great thank alot for that link, it been driving me mad, is he, isn't he, is he, isn't he???

I couldnt' help but laugh at last bit:

"He admits he receives explicit mail from women asking for intimate examinations.

�They are downright filthy!� he laughs. �It�s flattering but a little alarming. Some of them are very persistent, ringing my agent and asking to speak to me"

No ....that isn't me ringing him honest ....well not when I'm at work anyway! pmsl poor bloke he must get enough of womens bits at work.
he is bloody gorgeous,and what a bod !! He has a very lucky partner

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