lichen sclerosus

Hi, does anyone know any thing about LICHEN SCLEROSUS?, and do you know of any cures.
19:36 Fri 03rd Apr 2009
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The condition has its own UK support group. Their website has loads of useful information:

This page, from a reputable source (a US Government-funded body), might also be of interest to you: lerosus/lichen_sclerosus_ff.asp

I suffered from this for years and was wrongly diagnosed with vuval cancer , had a vulvectomy , continued with steroid creams but have to say since menopause has cleared up. Do , I implore you, use the support agencies. I was paniced into the operation but wished I had had a second opinion .
there is also this website that help women and men YES men do get it too
but with men its called Balanitis xerotica obliterans or in short BXO

I suffer from lichen Sclerosus and treated with steroid ointment and diprobase cream once under control the steroid ointment is reduced to a minimum and only up the doe when you get tears and splits
I also have similar in the mouth called Lichen Planus too neither are contagious and in the mouth causes a lacy pattern on the inner cheeks and gums its treatable with steroid mouthwashes .
At the moment both are under control but thy do tend to flare up at any time just when you least expect it

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