Varifocal Lenses.

How long will it take me to get use to my new varifocal glasses? Was advised to try varifocal lenses, as I was having problems reading with my old glasses. I purchased a pair of varifocal glasses as advised, but I am still having adjusting between the distance part of the lense to the reading part! The frames that I purchased are almost oblong in design, could this be causing problems because the lenses are accordingly quite narrow? I was assured that the frames were suitable for varifocals, but not so sure! Any ideas?
20:34 Sun 28th Dec 2008
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ive been wearing them for years but you get used to them quite quickly, its like everything, i like the very narrow frames and have had many pairs of variofocals in them, if youre not to happy go back to the optician and make sure they are right, but its probably just a case of keep trying them, why not wear them for say and hour then take them off for an hour then keep building up the wearing time
I'm afraid Mr R never managed to get used to them, but I know other people find them great.
Just persevere. I wouldn't have thought the frame type would make ny difference.

Good luck
the frame type does make a difference as you cant have them to narrow or there isnt enough room for the different types of lens to have an effect
Sorry, I didn't know that ^^^
thats ok
Question Author
Many thanks to you all for your advice. I will perservere with them for the time being, just to see if I can get used to them in time! But I did purchase them from Specsavers, so can take them back within the trial period & change them for a pair of distance and reading glasses if I need to. Best Wishes & A Happy New Year To You All.
A few years ago I changed to varifocals from Specsavers. They were awful and i couldnt get used to them.
I now go to a local small independent optitions and have had no trouble since. They offered me the option of paying for an extra wide vision, and the difference was much more comfortable.
It does take some adjustment to get used to varifocal lens, because you have to move your head up and down to look though the different log distance, middle distance and reading part of the lens. After a while you do this without even thinking about it.
If you have tried to adjust, and you are still having difficulty, then go back and complain until they change the lens until you are comfortable for you. They cost a lot of money and they should get it right for you.
My sister in law had her lens changed four times before she accepted that they were correct.
I have bifocals and the optician convinced me to use varifocals for driving. Disaster. Had to keep turning my head every few seconds to see out of the sides, rather than just turning my eyes, because they were varifocal on the sides as well as top/bottom. I went back and told them I was going to die if I used these to drive with. They replaced them with bifocals, without a murmur and without charge.
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My OH started using variofocals about 8 years ago. At first he said he would never get used to them. He had a woodworking business and found that everything looked bent or 'out of square', however he persevered with them and now wouldn't have any other lens.

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