Do I absorb water when swimming?

Whenever I go swimming I end up desperate for a pee, even if I emptied my bladder before I start.

(and before you ask, yes I do get out of the pool before I go)

It makes me wonder if I absorb swimming pool water through my skin.
10:13 Mon 15th Sep 2008
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Through your skin straight into your bladder?

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Your skin absorbs water, which is why it goes all wrinkly.

But the water from a pool isn't pure water, and it will probably absorb some of your skin's own moisture, then you get out and it evaporates as your skin dries, leaving your skin with less of its original moisture than before you started.

So you end up with dry skin.

Can't help with the needing a wee thing.
there are old jokes about people needing a wee when they see or even think of Niagara Falls. Something about being in or near water seems to set people off, I don't actually know why. I sometimes get it, though not often and not to the stage of 'desperate'. So I doubt you're alone in this, but I don't know what makes it happen.

Not absorption, so you won't be weeing chlorine.
When you are walking or out of water generally, you are perspiring (losing water) all the time. However, if you go in a pool and the water temperature surrounding you body is cooler than your body, then your body doesn't need to produce sweat, so your body is retaining more fluid than normal.

If you swim more energetically your body will get hot and you will sweat, lessening the need for a pee.
um no its cuz u switch from hot 2 cold soo u my notice that if its winter and its hot in ur house and then u go ount in the cold u have 2 go pee its totaly normal
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Thanks y'all
I always need a wee after a long swim. Another key point here is the coulour of urine as a guide to how hydrated you are. It should not be darker than straw colour as this can mean you can get dehydrated when exercising. After a long swin I notice that my urine is very clear. I do not swallow water when swimming, so it has to be absorbed through the skin??

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