Do You Tip The Undertaker?

Seems a crass question but really don`t know and maybe should be under another heading but also wanted to thank again all those who comforted me last thursday in the early hours of my very dark time.

20:42 Tue 02nd Sep 2008
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I think a card is ok, if you feel the need.Otherwise I would say they make enough money as it is, without tipping them.
We got tipped a lot, and it used to be customary to invite the undertaker for refreshments after the service- that is a no no these days.

The biggest tip I ever had was a Romany funeral - the biggest funeral we ever handled. As well as the hearse and cars, there were traditional Romany caravans, and flat back lorries carrying the most enormous floral tributes in the forms of carousel horses, dodgem cars, a waltzer (the family owned a funfair, in case you're wondering)...

Anyway, these days tipping isn't so usual, a thank you card is much welcomed.
Question Author
thankyou all, thats another thing less to worry about
I think you will find this question is a "dead" issue, but I will answer it all the same.

If you have seen the price of funerals these days, the last thing you will want to do is tip the funeral director when you see the size of the bill. It is enough to make anyone die of shock.

It is however customary to tip bus drivers, when they have given you good service, especially in the Shropshire area.

Hope this helps.

JonnyBoy12 (Bus Driver in Shropshire)
I would agree with the majority of responses - tipping is perhaps not appropriate, but a hand-written thank-you note thanking the firm for their consideration would be appreciated.
As well as a note a lot of people put an announcement in the local newspaper,thanking the doctors,neighbours,nurses etc and the undertaker. No one ever thanks the florist
Diane (a florist did you guess?? )
Question Author
Well yes i did guess and the funeral for my darling hubby today was perfect and i will now indeed send a card to both the undertaker and the florist

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