what are the UK shoe sizes in cm /inches?

I am trying to find out my 'actual' shoe size as it might be 8,9 or 10

i am I lady so they are quite big and hard to find shoes in this size. I find sizes vary alot though in different shops and I need to know exactly what shoe size I am for a important form.

I cannot find any info that states what the differnt uk sizes are in cm/inches

Any help pleeeeeeease!
13:44 Fri 29th Aug 2008
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Have a look here - there is a conversion chart at the bottom of the page.

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Great thanks joeyjake, ive been looking everywhere lol

I've been using http://www.ukshoesizeconversion.com for awhile now. It has both mens and womens so it makes it easy on everyone to figure out their size :)

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