Inspiring Readings [Heart Attack Recovery]

Hi there,

My dad has had a mild heart attack, and has smoked for 30 years.

Im trying to find some books that re of inspiratonl peopl who have come back from heart attak or similar to achieve something worth while, e.g.

- Lance survived cancerto win TDF 7times
- Ranulph Fines had a heart attack and conquered the Eiger

many thanks,
00:18 Tue 05th Aug 2008
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My Mum had a serious heart attack at 58. She never smoked or drank (only on special occasions). With good medication, and by joining a keep fit group she lived for another 20 years. She passed away last October, due to heart problems, but it was brought on by a series of other problems. Not very inspirational, but it proves that a heart attack can be overcome to lead as normal a life as possible.

Only 1 answer

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