white nose hair

whilst I was pulling out my nose hairs last night I looked down to see a white one! I have no white or gey hairs anywhere in my body. What does this mean? Will I soon have an all white collective of albino nose hairs or what.
Its heavilly praying on my mind so any input would be invaluable.
09:21 Wed 18th Jun 2008
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Maybe you're turning into a polar bear?
Question Author
maybe. I mean I just ate a tuna sanwich. Im half way there
Firsty, You will NEVER see a grey hair cause there is no such thing!
Next you will sprout ear hair and before you know it, the hair on your head will vanish and be replaced with hair on the parts of your body where you really dont need hair for any practical reasons. Big toes will grow a crop , they will be protruding out of your nose and sprouting from your ears, inside and out. Pubes will go white and then drop out too btw.

Whether these hairs are white or not will all become totally irrelevant. I do hope this makes you feel slightly better about getting your first white hair Hitler ;-)
Actually, it's more likely going to be this:

http://www.fredyargir.com/GoatWEB/wwgoatDESK_0 205.jpg
maybe you are turning into father christmas?
Question Author
cazz maybe as my belly has got a bit bigger. but lakitu i wouldnt out rule that either as i am feeling a bit horny
Julie, what do you mean, pubes will drop out?

No one ever warned me of that!
LOL, saves a fortune on waxing
Panic, trust me, i worked as a nursing assistant with the elderly.
Don't panic too much though, you'll have 3 or 4 left at the end of it so all is not lost ;-)
Can I stay young please?

(Uh oh, too late. I'm half way over the hill)

I'll meet you there then panic cause im half way over too ;-) scary thought eh!

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