paracetamol and red bull together

Is it ok to take paracetamol (non caffeine one) with red bull?
13:10 Thu 20th Dec 2007
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can't see why not
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Sure. No problem whatsoever.
Oooooo -im a paracetomal phobic (dont think it should be over the counter) so I would err on the safe side and take Ibuprofen.

O and just to round it off beautifully for myself I cant take caffeine either.. (think it should be banned completely -good reason BTW)...........right just off to see my therapist -lol
I've got very, very drunk after having taken a cocktail of asprin and paracetamol and I'm not dead ;)
yes, it's ok. but i heard that it can cause allergic eruption in some people

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