pain under the right rib

For a couple of months now have had intermittent pain under right rib, to the right of my stomach, a couple of weeks ago it got severe, especially after eating, was climbing the wall, went to doctor and told her that for the past week i had really bad pains in under my right rib and also in the centre of my stomach, felt like a brick, i do suffer from acid reflux but this was not my main concern, in the end it got so painful couldnt eat, especially when it seemed to be agrivating it, doc sent me to hospital that day and they did chest xray, and stomach xray and ultra sound on my gallbladder as that was what i thought it was. They took blood tests and said they were fine, my water was fine also. I began to develop back pain on my right side as well being very severe, me thinking it was some sort of kidney infection, doc said water was fine, pain excruciating, have been having pains now for two weeks and it is just starting to ease now, its very painful in for me to walk about, lying seems to alleviate it. I get the feeling when im due to have my gastroscope they will say everything is ok, as the doc in hospital said it was unspecified stomach pain, doesnt feel like that, desperate to see if anyone else has suffered from similar symptoms, pain under the right rib is like a twisting pain worse on movement as well. look forward to anyones comments........
17:56 Sat 07th Oct 2006
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I suffered from something similar a few years ago. If they have ruled out gall stones or gall bladder trouble, it could be what I was diagnosed with. Too much reflux over the years had scarred my gullet.
I am on medication and never felt better.
I had the exactly the same thing.
The doctor said it sounded like my liver was inflamed. I had blood tests that confirmed this. They never told me what caused it and after a week of ultimate agony and sleepless nights it corrected itself. Very bizarre!!! The worst thing was that painkillers didn't touch the pain and the doctor refused to prescribe me anything strong as painkillers are mainly processed by the liver, and my liver was ****** so would have been pointless.

Persevere with your doctor and insist that they find the root of your pain.
hi there i am experiencing exactly the same symptoms as you, ive just had a scan on my liver and they said it was fine
i had my gallbladder took out years ago so i know its not gall stones i went back to see a gp for the results and she told me to not eat any food with fat in it which i dont anyway and didnt offer any other tests. im still in pain most days either after eating food of just pain and soreness under my right rib. im going back to see my own gp this week and he will probably send me for an endoscopy which i realy am not looking forward to but im so desperate to find out whats wrong with me let me know how you get on
I have had the same thing and today i have been to the hospital for a scan, the doctor could not find anything wrong but said that this happened to a lot of women,and when i asked what was the cause he said they didnt have one !!! help!!!!!!!
I have the same now and again. My stomach feels bloated and I get a stitch like pain under the right rib. I do lots of sports and have a fairly healthy diet. I have had a full check up but nothing was found.

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