I suffer from ulserative Colitus.I have recently been having bad flare ups.I take the usual medications but none seem to work.My specialist wants me to have surgery. which i am relluctant to have.Is there any other colitus sufferers out there?How do you cope?What medications do you take/are you on any special diets?
19:39 Tue 29th Aug 2006
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A friend of mine has suffered badly for years with this, due mainly to fast living and bad eating habits.(not suggesting that's the reason for yours!) He tried all kinds of steroids but eventually found that (a foul tasting ) pure aloe vera gel dissolved in water and knocked back 3 times a day has done the trick. Pretty sure he gets it from Holland and Barrett. Not expensive and apparently very effective for that and IBS. Avoids seafood and spicy food as these both cause it to flare up. Hope that helps.

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