Slippery Elm

A colleague of mine has recommended "Slippery Elm" for bowel problems - both for my Colitis and for my mothers diaverticulitis (sp?). I'm all for alternative remedies [at present am prescribed Asacol/Predfoam] and would appreciate any experienced advice...
02:19 Mon 12th Sep 2005
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slippery elm has been used for many years..its excellent for the stomache..and will help with bowel problems..they also use it for people that are invalids..or seriously it lines the can get it at the health shop either as a formula..or loose in powder form ..if you buy it lose just mix it with a bit of milk ..and drink..slippery elm wont affect any medication you are its classed as a food source for convalescents..p.s  its good if you have a hangover also..

I used to buy it as Thompsons Slippery Elm food (is that what you mean mullein?) & it was brilliant at soothing a sore tum & restoring normal activity.  However my local pharmacy recently told me that they've stopped it & I should try health food stores who may still have it in stock.  I really would have appreciated some as I had a terrible flare up of IBS!

I've never used the pure slippery Elm but I might buy some & try it.

I also have u.colitis, and I found by far the best thing to do was to stop taking the drugs altogether! I went to a homeopath, and I haven't had any problems for years.
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aha! Scarlett. good to hear from you! we have more in common than i thought. can buy the slippery elm food that you require at holland and barratt..if you want to buy the loose powder some health shops stock it..also neals yard remedies do mail order for it sold by the ounce...sorry 25g ...i still think in pounds and ounces..
Thanks mullein but I rang H&B who said they haven't stocked it for about 4 years. I think it might be just as well to buy the pure & mix it with a little cornflour & sugar.  I'm sure that's all it was anyway.
i saw some in holland and barratt in bham last month..perhaps it was a different make..i will go to bham next week so i will take another look..they sell slippery elm capsules also..their is a company called baldwins that do herbal supplys thats what it will come under..also their is the herbal apothecary in leicester they do mail order as i have had things from cant beat neals yard remedies for mail order service regarding any amount of herbal supplys..
robina..have just looked at nealsyardremedies   the slippery elm is �5.90 for 50 g  that would last you ages as you would only need a tea spoon or two at the most in warm water..with honey if you wanted to sweeten it..and if you kept it in a sealed jar it would last over a year..
In my local Holland and Barrett (Southend Essex) they do a tablet form by Potters.

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