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I have just bought my 2nd pair of varifocal glasses (from the same opticians that I bought my first pair) and to be quite honest they (the lenses) are no where near as good as my first pair. There is a "sweet spot" on each lense where I can see well but if I move my eyes to look out of the side of the glasses it becomes blurred and distorted. I was aware of this as soon as I tried them on in the opticians but I was advised to wear them for a while untill I got used to them as there is a 30 day satisfaction / wearing in clause.

Its now 4 days since I started wearing them and my eyes still have not got used to them.

The assistant also told me that if I wanted lenses as good as the first ones, then I would have to pay an extra �85 on top of the �360 I paid for them in the first place.

I'm so pi55ed off with them I am going to ask for my money back and go else where.

My question I wasting my time or do I have a good case?

18:15 Wed 18th May 2005
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I know some users doubt the validity of legal advice handed out here, but I am about to point you in the direction of a section of an act of parliament so you can check it out if you like.  s.14 of the Sale and Supply of Goods Act is about good not being fit for their purpose.  (Specifically s.14(B)).  A good trick might be to mention the Sale and Supply of Goods Act next time you take it up with them.  Also use the phrase "I have taken initial legal advice on this matter" - it often sorts things out VERY QUICKLY.  It does seem to me that if you can't see through your glasses then they are not fit for their purpose - and thus you can envoke those statutory rights that everyone always wonders about when they see the words "This does not affect your statutory rights". - this website will hopefully clarify. 


Good luck!

normally the more expensive the lens the greater the area of vision on progs. we used to advise trying them for around a week especially if you have switched brands. you could get them to check the heights and pupil distances on your lenses to check if they've been made up correctly.
I had the same problem with my last pair.The first two pairs I had were great.I get my specs from Specsavers and they were very helpful. When I took them back and described exactly what you have described they remeasured and all sorts of other wierd and wonderful things and came to the conclusion that the frames I had chosen were too small.(Trying to be fashionable you see!) They let me pick out a slightly larger frame and although they were more expensive I didn't have to pay any more.I can't see what your optician is on about with the lenses being as "good" as the first ones. When you are paying that amount of money they should all be of the same standard.Complain bitterly ,ask to see the person in charge or write to their head office.If you have worn varifocals before your eyes should not take long to adjust to the new lenses so I would imagine that they are in the wrong somewhere.I just hope it's not Specsavers as I have always been very happy with them.

frame size does make a difference.

When I got my varifocals from specsavers, the man warned me that the frames that I had chosen were small and that this would result in a smaller sweet spot. As I don't wear my glasses all the time, I thought that this would be okay and it was. I did have a problem with lining up the sweet spot at first, but they adjusted the frames so they sat higher on my face and it was fine. At that time, don't know if they still have, they had a deal on that if you weren't satisfied with your varifocals, then they would take them back and make you separate near and distance vision glasses instead

Hi fly258 - thought you might like to take a lat this question I posted some time back:

Since then, I have had two pairs of variofocals made up & at first experienced the same problems as you. I just couldn't get used to the blind spots at the sides of the lenses when driving, or at the top/bottom when walking down the stairs - nearly missed a few steps! Having said that, they are brilliant for reading the text on my pc monitor.

I went back to SpecSavers twice, but they said I should give them more time - which I've done. I have tried on my old bifocals a few times, but I know I couldn't go back to using them - so I'm sticking with the varifocals.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

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