Personal services in paper

Anyone been to one ? What are they like ?
17:45 Wed 28th Mar 2012
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Do you mean a prostitute?
Question Author
As in personal services ad in local paper
What are we talking here.....................massage.............
What exactly does the ad say?
Question Author
It's massage from an oriental woman. Has anyone been and what are the women like ?
Oriental, probably...........
..............and possibly a woman.
probably a Thai girl - with the jib and tackle.....
ah, a Ladyboy
So, it is a prostitute. They all claim to be masseurs as they are not allowed to advertise sexual services..
Nowt wrong with getting your joints cracked by a fit Lady Boy...............
I believe its referred to as a 'massage with a happy ending'
we used to have a lady advertise naked house cleaning. my boss was always really intrigued by that one
Question Author
Serious answers. Just interested to know
You CANNOT be serious
Question Author
Yes I can, I just wanna know.

Are they genuinely massage therapists ?
The Scotsman reported a house of ill-repute being busted by the council just down from Edinburgh Castlein the Grassmarket, the cover being the adaption of the interior for the trade.

The title of the article, "Council to Look for Unauthorised Erections"
Look at the phone number.

If it's a landline it's probably a genuine massage, if it's a mobile number it's probably a massage with a happy ending.
Question Author
Mobile number stating - withheld numbers will be ignored.
How does Chuck know these things?

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