soft tissue injury to hand/wrist

3weeks ago I sustained a very painful soft tissue injury to my thumb/wrist. an x ray showed a 'line'along my trapezium bone but no fracture or break. swelling has mostly gone down now and pain nearly gone , but fingers still stiff and numb. still cannot make a fist,write or bear weight. Should i be concerned or is this a normal recovery time ? Thank
22:44 Tue 06th Mar 2012
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not sure Bee, should be feeling loads better by now!......maybe see your GP if it worries you, have you tried excerising it gently?........may be stiffness because of lack of movement!.......
I am a bit confused mention a soft tissue injury and then go on to describe a bone abnormality which is certainly not "soft tissue".

What was the nature of the injury..a fall? direct hit?

3 weeks is a long time and I certainly would return to GP as welshy suggested.
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Hi.thanks for your responses . it was s direct hit to the side of my hand/thumb. Lots of swelling, lack of sensation . nurse said easier if i had broken it as all nerves etc pass along the area i had damaged. each day is different and i' ll give it til.early next week before going back to Dr as it will be 4weeks by then . :)

Fractures of the trapezium are extremely uncommon so it is probable that you are correct in labelling this as a soft tissue injury and giving it more time to resolve.

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