Wife has an itchy dry scalp. Small sores also at times. If hair is damp and she trailed her finger nails across the scalp there would be a white substance under her nails. Has tried numerous prescriptions, including Betnovate to no avail. Olive oil has also been tried.
13:28 Wed 08th Feb 2012
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I have a very very itchy scalp, although no whiite substance. In desperation I bought the new Head n Shoulders menthol, as advertised with the couple out for dinner, and she pretends to drop something so she can manically scratch her head under the table! It says it is just for dandruff itching and even though I dont have dandruff I thought I would give it a go. It is fantastic! Itching stopped by bout 80% within an hour, and has stopped totally now. Give it a go!
Maybe try a nizerol type shampoo. Also avoid caffeine chocolate and too much milk.

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