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After about 7 nearly 8 months of having my Implanon implant in my arm I have finally had enough of the horrible side effects and have arranged to have it out on Wednesday but now I'm really nervous that it is going to really hurt to have it out. I didn't feel a thing having it put in and only the brusing after hurt will the taking it out be the same or more painful? Anyone any ideas?
21:25 Sun 05th Feb 2012
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I had mine taken out several years ago, I think it didn't hurt any more than having it done :c)
It won't not hurt, but it's the only way you'll get rid of it :-(
They found it very hard to get mine out. Still didn't hurt...
You'll be fine. I had mine taken out after 2 months for the same reasons. The nurse tried to persuade me to keep it in and implied that the effects were psychological! Clearly the implants are cheaper for the NHS than other forms of contraception.
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Thanks! You lot have made me feel slightly better! Read some horrible things on the internet about them being stuck in muscle and stuff! They tried to persuade me to keep mine in too which is how i ended up with it for so long, three months settling period was bearable convincing me to keep it 5 was awful now had it nearly 8 and the best feeling ever!

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