Anyone know of a......

Cheap and cheerful clarifying shampoo that ie. Asda would sell that ewill strip products from my hair making it squeeky clean again??

Build up of products on it just now :-(

Thanks LF
15:36 Tue 29th Nov 2011
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Try using their own brands cheapest shampoo. They don't contain as many plastic ingredients that hold everything in and down. If it doesn't work then it isn't much money wasted.
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Thanks Evian - who's brand do you mean? Asda?
I always liked Pantenes clarifying shampoo but I think that's nearly a fiver :|
Any supermarket really. Whichever you happen to be at.
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Spent a fortune on karastace etc in the past, won't be anywhere near a hairdresser tonight, just wanted to pick some up, not sure which I would choose though....
Asda own brand not be a bit weak? Perhaps not. Will have a gander....

I remember someone asked here a while ago about what to use as she had a big build up of hairspray she couldn't shift. Lots of suggestions came through but she tried my suggestion of el cheapo and said it worked a treat.
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Perfect Evian, thank you - hey was thinking perhaps baby shampoo would work too?
Maybe not though, will see what Tesco has on way home tonight too.
poundland sometimes have them worth snapping some up
Shampoo your hair with washing up liquid first then use shampoo - worked a treat many moons ago when I had my bee-hive

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