Can you help with this food & emotion survey?


its for my friend's degree coursework!
all answers confidential!

thanking you in anticipation!

cath x
16:49 Fri 25th Nov 2011
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Oh you are the finished one are you ? Right, why did you answer that to question 22 then ?
done...slightly strange survey, sometimes the answer I wanted to give wasn't there.
done - with some irritating repetitions of questions.
Done !

Why does it assume that everyone is on a diet and everyone drinks alcohol, It also did not give me the options that I needed for the survey to be accurate.
That's what I thought Ratter....
done diddily 'un
done x
Done :) Like Ratter, I wasn't too sure about the alcohol questions either as I don't drink very often and if I do it's quite random, could say x amount of times a week. I was quite interested at my own answers.
Question Author
thanks very much to everyone for taking the time!

i certainly diet occasionally, but don't eat meat or drink alcohol, so i filled it in as best as i could!
Question Author
would AB weekenders like to help too?

done....must have a lie down now after all that soul searching.....need a drink ?
Done but gave up through the repetative section on last page.
Question Author
thanks everyone! i think the repetitions are a part of the 'style' but yes bot all possible answers are covered!

hope she doesn't lose marks for that ... i think the way she interprets the results will be the most of it though! xx

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