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Though a blood test has me in the normal range I think I may be mildly hypothyroid. I'm trying to rectify this myself and as a low body temperature is apparently a good indicator I took mine...and it's 34.2. According to what I've read on the net I should be dead! I feel fine apart from severe constipation. Also, I'm not sure how I can have a low body temp but always feel warm. Anyone have any idea what's going on?
14:13 Sat 13th Aug 2011
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Well it really is just a symptom of hypothyroidism, as is severe constipation, hair falling out, and much more. The thyroid controls and affects such a lot of body functions so a lot of things will be shown up to be not working properly. If and when you're treated for it, things should help to go back to as as near normal as they can be. Have you been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's?
34.2?.....no big deal.....you can live with that.

Thyroid test were normal.....then you have no thyroid problem.

Nothing is going wrong, your thermo regulatory system is working just fine.

No big deal.
Question Author
No-my GP reckons I'm in the "normal" range, though I know there is a huge debate about whether the accepted range is accurate. Rather than have a load of hassle I'm trying to improve matters myself- I hope this is possible!
Well good luck with trying to do it yourself. As for normal range, lots of people suffering from the condition will argue that what is normal for one, isn't normal for another, it varies according to each person and I just wish doctors would acknowledge it. Have you had blood test for serum ferritin, that may help advise too but then again docs are reluctant to do this, thyroid patients often have to fight for help because of the range for the tests as explained above. Hope you manage to get sorted, look up avoiding certain foods they say for thyroid patients, it might help you never know.
daisya makes a good point......do you know the results of ALL the tests..?

T3, T4 and TSH........it would help.
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The thing is I don't want to be hypo so I'm happy to think I'm not which is why I'm trying to sort it myself! Sqad, sorry I don't have all the results-the GP just said it was normal, and if I remember correctly about 37.5.
greeny...that sounds like the total T4 which would indicate that you are mildly underactive (hypothyroid) but that alone is meaningless without the levels of TSH.
Due to cut backs our health service won't do the T3 which to me is ridiculous because you really need all the results to be able to see how things are going.
Question Author
OK Sqad, thanks for that. I don't want to stress over it I just want to try and rectify matters so do you think taking steps to raise my metabolism would do the trick? At the mo everything has ground to a halt...especially in the toilet department :-)
daisya...LOL.....I agree, but T3 hypothyroidism with normal TSH is a "hot potato" in medical circles and generally not accepted as an indication of an under active thyroid.
Yes I know Sqad, lots of doubts about things with thyroid problems which doesn't help the patients sadly who suffer because of it.
greeny....I would just improve you diet, exercise and have you tests repeated in 6 months.
A mild laxative might certainly help.


Bit of bedtime reading for you, however i am one who questions this T3 situation and depend upon the TSH.

Have a go anyway..;-)
lol thanks sqad
Question Author
That's just what I intend to do. I've also bought some Seagreens capsules which are supposed to be good so watch this space! Hope they work on my bowels too...tried the laxatives but nothing's moving at the mo.
Try lactulose daily and every so often a TINY bit of senna liquid thrown in for good measure lol.
Question Author
Daisy...I think a LOT of senna is what's called for at the mo!! Will try the Lactulose, thanks.
Lol G E M can sympathise, hope it helps anyway.

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