For Tamborine.

Just been reading Pinki's thread about her back and the advice you gave her, am wondering whether Tai chi exercises would benefit my OH. He's had a pain in his right arm for a while now, been to doc's,had blood taken,had painkillers and now he's having physio once a fortnight. Nothing seems to be helping, Doc thinks its a trapped nerve,pain seems to move up the arm rather than down, any suggestions would be appreciated, and dont worry wont blame you if his arm drops off.
15:28 Mon 28th Feb 2011
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Am an amateur, ok ?

Try clasping hands in front of chin with bent elbows. Swing above head & down slowly x 4. More if it eases pain.
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Thanks for that Tamborine,will get him to try it out when he comes in and will let you know how he gets on.
Tai Chi is great for backs etc.
If you have a look here on their website, you can probably find classes near you.
^^swing bent arms above head, then over left & right shoulder x 2. It brings nerves & tendons back in line.
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Thanks LadyA,will get him to have a look tonight.Tamborine x
No bother, bloomwood. It's a while before the improvements show, but it definitely works.

(And the classes are very enjoyable.)

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