Hello, my 19yr old daughter gets very cold after eating. Sometimes her fingertips go bluish. She is very healthy, player rugby and of slight build. Does anyone have any ideas please. She is a uni. student.
12:46 Mon 28th Sep 2009
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What an odd story.
Never come across this before.
Does she choke on eating?
How long has this been going on for?
Is it after every meal?

I await your answers with interest.
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if you Google "cold after eating" seems quite common. Seems to be that it occurs to people who are particularly sensitive to the loss of heat in the extremities due to the blood diverted to the digestive process (tummy gets warm, fingers cold). If you're particularly thin, low blood pressure, low iron etc.
Pigletion.....quite interesting.......I appreciate that after eating, blood is diverted from the muscles, skin and extremities, but severe enough to cause peripheral cyanosis as described by capercallie?
Not in everyone, but if you have some pre-existing condition you could feel the effects more than most.

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