Cod liver oil and malt

When I was a child my sister and I had Cod Liver Oil and Malt every day and loved it. We always asked for more, without success. My mother bought it in huge brown jars (which were superb for home-made pickled onions, when empty). I am now getting arthritis and when I saw some CLO&M in the chemist, decided to buy a small jar. It is so fishy I can't imagine it's by the same people who made it when I was young. Does anyone have experience of CLO&M and/or do they remember who produced it many, many years ago. The one I bought is Potters. Perhaps my tastes have changed, but there is no way I can eat the rest of the jar. (Anyone want a jar with just one spoonful missing?)
16:30 Wed 30th Apr 2008
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Well wolshouse i think in a way you are right in that things do taste differently. But equally as years go by they tamper with the ingredients too, take Victory V`s, no longer would they send a child to sleep all through geography lesson as they did in my day as theyve removed the chloroform LOL.You maybe as well getting a jar of malt extract from a health food shop without the cod liver oil element. Do you also remember halibut oil and that gorgeous fortified orange juice in the small glass bottles mothers used to get at the baby clinic, i think that had fish oil too, gosh we should all be able to swim the channel.
Happy Days
ah codliver oil and malt..... yum yum.
When OH and i went to Iceland for our silver wedding hol they had BIG bottles of cod liver oil on the breakfast buffet and shot glasses for you to help yourself !! not so yum yum.
oh yes, i well remember cod liver oil and malt, as you say, a spoonful was never enough. and the thick orange juice in the glass bottles (didn't they have a dark turquoise blue metal lid?) from the clinic. i used to sneak a teaspoonful of it neat. anyone have their dummy dipped in virol too?
I remember that too. We had a cat who used to jump up on our shoulders while we were having ours and he had to have a spoonful too! I can remember it being malty but not too fishy.
Just knew virol would come up it seems i adored as a babe and sometimes if i was fractious it would be popped onto my dummy and one night it ended up being stuck in my ear LOL

This is another brand I have seen. I used to work in a pharmacy that sold it, and people kept comming back for it. Hope its the same.

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