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I've just bought a slendertone 'fitness' belt as I have weak stomach muscles and can't do sit-ups or crunches due to a severe curvature of the spine.

I have just read the instructions and they say that it is not recommended for use in people with metal implants or women using an IUD (coil) for contraception.

I not only have a coil, but several metal clips in my spine holding bone grafts in position. I'm tempted to just go ahead and use it as I'm starting to look pregnant, but would be interested in first knowing if this poses any real danger. I can't find any info online, and was hoping that someone here can shed some light on the subject. for me. I can't return it to the shop as I bought it on ebay...

Yours hopefully! Julie
22:44 Sat 09th Feb 2008
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Dont do it! Your back is to precious to damage possibly permanently for the sake of a flat stomach.

Try following a basic healthy eating plan to start with to try and lose the weight, something like the GI diet plan - i-diet.html
this is a long term weight loss plan but you should be able to keep it off.

I've got a bad back I;ve had a prolapsed disc before now plus the 3 lower discs in my back have limited flexibility and fluid in em! I dieted and then saw a physio for suitable exercises you can get referred by your GP.
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Many thanks for your reply, lovenut.

I actually used the slendertone, and while it did my back no harm, it also did my gut no good! I might as well have flicked a tiddlywink at it, for all the difference it made.

Your advice was very helpful, and I plan to get myself a low-gi diet book before asking my gp for a referral. For anyone else who reads this- DON'T BUY A SLENDERTONE! Your money would be better spent on anything else, because they don't work!!
You probably shouldn't use it. Slendertone machines will never give you a flat stomach.

Do you have something like Lordosis? If your lumbar spine is excessively curved, then your organs will be pushed forwards, making you look pregnant. Slendertone will only tone underlying muscles, it won't give you a flat stomach.

If you can't do regular stomach crunches, you can do a crunch designed for people with back problems. You lie flat on your back with both hands under your lower back, palms facing the floor. Keep one leg straight and the other bent with your foot flat on the floor. Pull your ab muscles in tight, but keep breathing and then raise your shoulders off the floor. keep looking up, don't allow your chin to touch your chest, as this will cause strain in your neck.

Do 12-15 of these crunches, then straighten out the bent leg and bend the straight leg and repeat. Do the whole routine on both sides another one or two times.
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Woh, velvetee, thankyou so much! After finding I can do this, I am planning to start a new diet and exercise plan on Monday! Thankyou!! xx

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