twitchy eye!!

My left eye has been twitching like mad for at least the last 2 months. You know the kind of twitching that everyone's eyes do occasionally that gets you really paranoid that everyone can see and makes you feel stupid! Only thing is its getting worse and now does it that much, about 7 times a minute, its really annoying does anyone know what causes it?
19:03 Thu 07th Jun 2007
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I asked my GP about this when I was seeing him on another matter & he told me it was 'just a twitching nerve'!

Hope that helps.
Thought I'd look it up anyway & found this: itching/
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thanks for that I am presuming it is due to stress as I am going through a terrible time at the moment
Ah, I'm sorry to hear that tigwig.

I know what it feels like going through bad times, 'specially when bereaving, or worrying about children's health, etc.

I do hope things improve for you very soon. -x-
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thank you so much
You're very welcome tigwig.

Hope you're feeling a bit better today.

Always here for you. -x-
Hi Tigwig

I had the same thing for about 10 months and ended up refered a neurologist by my GP to get it checked out. It ended up being nothing drastic at all, just something resting against something it shouldn't, but like you it was driving me nuts, so they ended up giving me a small amount of botox to freeze the nerve. The relief was unbelieveable (it's amazing how something so small can be so annoying!) Ofcourse it wears off after about 4 months, but it's worth having it done at the local hospital for me. Although they only did one eye, so I have one gorgeous wrinkle free eye and one normal 28 year old one! Stress can ofcourse make these things worse too, so I really hope things get better for you soon x
It can be caused by poor sleep. I had it for months and it drove me mad. You think people will notice, but it is almost invisible and they don't see it.

At the time I was doing shift work including some nights. I wasn't getting the hours of sleep I really needed as you keep half waking if you sleep in the day, and eventually get up before you should.

I wasn't particularly stressed so that wasn't the cause.

After I changed my job and got more restful sleep at night it went away.
Panic Button's theory of tiredeness could well be right.

After reading your posts on the Hospice thread, I'm not at all surprised you're feeling the way you do tigwig.

I hope you manage to get some sleep over the weekend & that your little gir feels better soon too. -x-

Thinking of your mum-in-law & husband. -x-
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thank you all for your answers it is really nice to know that I have someone to 'talk' to I feel you are all my friends!
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hi its me again do you know what has happened to the 'hospice' question as it has seemed to vanish. has it been removed?

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