knee arthroscopy

i had a knee arthroscopy ope andration in july of last year and it went well, i have done the physio exercises recommended.However 1 weeks ago i went on a bike ride, of not more than 2 miles and since then i have experienced a lot of pain in my foot,so much soi that walking is painful,the pain is centered round the joint of my big toe and the top of my foot and even on the heel.
i thought cycling was good for thew knee after an operation like i had,so why am i experiencing this discomfort?
15:09 Fri 23rd Mar 2012
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Although you have not given any details of your arthroscopy e.g diagnosis, I cannot see any connection with the operation and the pain that you are having in your foot.

I would suggest that they are two separate entities.

I would suggest that you take Ibuprofen 600mgms in one go and up to 6 hourly if necessary.

A couple of things come to mind, but it is a bit early for a positive diagnosis.
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hi sqad,
thanks for reply, when i had the op,the surgeon told me it was a piece of broken bone that was the problem and had been removed,it had been moving about in the knee cap and kept locking,which made walking very painful and near impossible. what else could it be then, arthritus?
You mean the pain in your foot?.......Many things, but don't let's speculate at the moment.......try my suggestion.

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