mouth ulcers

I can't get rid of mouth ulcers, under my tongue, and beside and under a new false plate. When i think i have cured them they start all over again and it is driving me up the wall, Is it a dentist or doctor problem.
20:33 Sun 18th Mar 2012
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Look at your diet perhaps
Mabye you have some excess acid or are run say doctor...horrible painfull things xx
I'd say dentist, they can prescribe anything you might need - I've always found Bonjela help mine.
bonjela will maybe stop the pain, but not answer the question why
It's generally bacterial, connected with gum problems and little to do with diet and stuff, try using Corsodyl mouthwash...I have similar issues but very few occasions of it since I started on this stuff...tastes bloody horrible but it works!
You need to find out what's causing them and you won't do that by putting Bonjela on or using mouthwash. Go to your doctor so he/she can determine why you are getting them.
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thankyou all for your input, tried them all and they only work short term.
Id see the doc mygirl you may be lacking in something, shouldnt have to put up with them if over the counter stuff isnt working xxx
How new is the false plate? If it is within the last few weeks then I would think it was this that is causing the ulcers. If it were me I would visit my GP and see if there is anything they can prescribe to ease it or clear it up.
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last november my new plate was put in, and to give it 6 months to settle before going back, so be back sooner than the 6 months. thanks to everyone for advice.
I used to suffer from terrible mouth ulcers, both in my mouth and also down my throat. I too tried everything to stop them combing back, and in the end I found a really cheap toothpaste, one which did not have all the added ingredients, and after using that for a short while, the ulcers did not return. When I tried other fancy toothpastes again, back they came, so I just stuck with the cheap basic one, and was ok.
I know how painful they can be, so it may be worth a try for you too.
id say a visit to the dentist initially.
\\\\Is it a dentist or doctor problem.\\\

It doesn't matter as the cause is unknown.

Take your pick from the above favourite is the Corsodyl mouthwash.
Hi mygirl
Had the same problem several years ago and was advised to take a course of Vitamin B6 tablets for 6 months ( one a day) and hey presto, I'm ulcer free and have been ever since. Worth a try, they are available over the counter from your local chemist or health store.
Good luck

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