pain under heel

I am a fit person who walks regularly but recently I have been getting pain with each step on the underneath of my heel, mainly on the outer side. Any ideas please as to what it might be ?
15:35 Fri 02nd Mar 2012
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From your limited description I would say that it sounds like Plantar Fasciitis...........Google it and come back if you need further explanation.
You sound like you may have plantar facilitus. I had the problem for about 18 months and it wouldn't go away even after trying heel inserts etc. In fact the method that worked in the end were those elasticated ankle grippers that stretch from your toes to the bottom of the leg and the pain got better soon after. They cost about £5/pair.
This type of thing but you can buy them in boots etc.
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Thankyou both so much, have looked it up and certainly sounds like that. I cannot take ibuprofen as I have kidney disease but will find another pain killer and get the ankle support.
You can also get help by getting someone to massage your heel/foot. This worked for me.
Massage your instep using a hard rubber ball. It will hurt a lot but after a few sessions the pain will go away. Insoles aren't worth the money, you need to fix yourself.

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