Mortons Neuroma operation-FAO Sqad

just to keep you informed that I had my operation yesterday and all went well.
20:55 Tue 22nd Nov 2011
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Well done Jasmin and take it easy won't you.
jasmin, thanks for all your feedback, much appreciated and i wish more on B&S had your attitude towards posters.
Question Author
Thanks Sqad, i think it only good manners when someone has been as helpful as you to let them know how things have gone. Maidup-i am taking it easy at the minute. being waited on hand and foot- no pun intended. Jasmin
Hope you make as good a recovery for this op as you did for the other one. I am now fully recovered from my operation for Morton's Neuroma thank goodness.
Question Author
thank you jamesnan, how long did it take for you to be fully recovered ?
So good to hear all went well, enjoy the being taken care of and a full and happy recovery too. xxx
Hi, had my operation on 23rd August and the last of the stitches dissolved and disappeared last week. Still a bit tender underneath, but overall so much better and at least now there is no pain when I walk. Mind you, I was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks in Florida in October, with a friend whose house had a pool, so sat paddling my feet, in the sunshine, and I am sure that must have done me the world of good!

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Hi Sqad had my op today and all seems to have gone well. Two neuroma removed from my foot. Relatively pain free at the moment but that may change i suppose once anasthetic wears off.
Hi Sqad just thought i would let you know that after my operation in May which i have now fully recovered from, I have today been told that I have 2 neuromas in my other foot now and need an operation...
had my preassessment yesterday and all was fine so will have my operation a week on Monday. Realy nervous now ! how long do you reckon i will be off work ? thanks Jasmin

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